Common Uses For Power Generators

Having a backup or permanent generator installed on your property will provide you with peace of mind in knowing that you can go on with your day as usual in the event of a power outage or or power overload. Generators are a common solution for providing backup power not only for for homes, businesses, but also at events, on construction sites, camp areas, and many other places where electricity is not readily available. Contact Lakeside Electric Inc. to help you find and install the perfect generator to meet your needs. We are fully insured and have over 30 years of experience in the industry to help guide you in the right direction.

Provide Backup Power For Your House
Generators can be a critical and lifesaving emergency power source for those who live in rural areas. Having backup power in your home will allow you to charge your mobile devices to contact people for assistance in the event of a power outage, keep the heat, lights, stove, and refrigerator on, and have the power you need until the problem is fixed. Lakeside Electric’s experienced electricians can help you choose the right generator to fit your individual needs.

Standby Power For Businesses
Power Generators allow you to keep your business running in the event of a power outage. Most businesses today, such as retail stores, restaurants, and office buildings, rely on computers, printers, mobile phones and other electronic devices to conduct business and communicate with customers. Don’t be left in the dark!  Call Lakeside Electric Inc. to help you choose the perfect backup generator to fit your business’s needs.

Temporary Power On A Construction Site
New construction, and even some remodeling projects, have no power on site until after the project has been completed. Contractors commonly rely on generators to provide them with the lights and power that they need to operate tools and equipment necessary to get the job done.

Events, Concerts, Catering, and Exhibitions
Many large festivals and concerts are located in rural areas where power is simply inaccessible. Electric generators can be used to power large lighting equipment, rides, sound systems, and even catering equipment.

Solving Power Overload Issues
A power overload on an electrical system that isn’t designed to handle heavy usage can cause the power to go out. STOR generators can be synchronized with your existing power system in order to provide the extra power that you need when the demand for power rises above the predicted level. These generators are known in the industry as STOR.

Camping In Remote Locations
Small electric generators are ideal for camping trips, they provide full or backup power to electric stoves and will even power small to medium appliances such as microwaves, hair dryers, mobile phones, showers and even air conditioning. Enjoy all of the modern conveniences with a mini generator on your next camping trip! Lakeside Electric Inc. sells a large variety of makes and models to suit your every need.

Football Stadiums
Football stadiums and other large sports arenas often require electric generators to power the flood lighting. A premier league stadium without a backup generator will not be accredited to hold tournaments.  Electric generators provide the power they need for a successful event.

Farms & Horse Stables
Farmers rely on power to produce crops, milk cows, and to keep their livestock warm in the winter. A commercial grade generator is every farm‘s best line of defense against unexpected power outages.

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